The parish of Saint New Martyr Tsarina Alexandra in Siegen.
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
German diocese.

our parish

The Russian Orhodox parish of St New Martyr Tsarina Alexandra in Siegen constitutes an integral part of the German diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and is subject to the canonical rule of His Eminence Mark, the Metropolitan of Berlin and Germany, and the immediate supervision of the rector of our parish, Rev. Kirill Kreps.

The members of our parish board are elected according to the common parish by-laws at the annual parish assemblies.

The foundation of St New Martyr Tsarina Alexandra parish took place in 2009 and was based on an already existing Russian Orthodox congregation in Siegen which itself came into being in 2007.

Today, our parish counts about seventy active members. A significant part are originally from the USSR or from the countries which once were part of the Soviet Union. Many came to the Orthodox Faith and received the Holy Sacraments for the first time while attending our church services. Among us there are also people who belong to other Orthodox churches or came to us from other Christian denominations.

In our parish, we receive the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation (Confirmation), Eucharist, Confession, Holy Unction and Marriage.