The parish of Saint New Martyr Tsarina Alexandra in Siegen.
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
German diocese.

how to find us

1We celebrate services in the Russian Orthodox church of Saint New Martyr Tsarina Alexandra in Siegen at the following address:


Zwinglistrasse 1,
57280 Siegen


How to get to us by bus (The following information serves just as an example and  applies only on Sundays or on public holidays):



Bus line C112 (departure from the central bus station of Siegen (ZOB), bus platform D, at 08:19);

Here is the timetable for the line C112 as pdf document for download.



In Alte Dreisbach, at the bus stop (A):Siegen Eichert Mitte” at approximately 08:37.

(B): The russian orthodox church  is located in a distance of 220 metres from the above-mentioned bus stop. (See directions below):


(A) – (B):